Friday, August 29, 2008

My New Love

As Americans we use the "L word" way too loosely, so in keeping with my cultural tradition, I have to say it. I love my floor squigee! I can't help it. I honestly think that it is the best invention of this century-Seriously!

In my apartment I have what is commonly referred to as a shoilet. This is a combination shower/toilet. I am very happy to have a western toilet instead of a "squatty potty", but in China most of the showers (if you have a shower) are not enclosed. There is a shower head that comes out from the wall and a drain near the base of the toilet. When you shower, water flies all over the bathroom covering the sink, toilet, walls. I also have a washing machine that has to be hooked up in one of the corners of the bathroom so when I do a load of laundry the water from the washtub runs across the floor as well, because the connecting hose is only about a foot long and doesn't stretch to the drain hole in the floor. Needless to say, the floor is constantly wet and slippery, so a floor squigee can literally be a lifesaver!

I did manage to find a large tension rod and a shower curtain which helps, but discovering the floor squigee was like discovering gold. Every morning when I hop into that freezing cold shower, (which eventually does get warm if I run the sink faucets on full blast) I comfort myself with the knowledge that in just a few short minutes I will once again have a clean body and a dry floor...thanks to my trusty
42Yuan ($6) squigee.

They say that you will go to great lengths to cherish, protect, and fight for the people or things that you love. Maybe I really do love my squigee!



Anonymous said...

Holly said it looks like you are going to war =) It's not to bad of a bathroom! at least you have a curtain now!

Jessica said...

hahah....a "shoilet". That's what we've got too, I've just never heard it called that.

And I fell in love with my squeegee in Taiwan...then when we got here, a new squeegee was one of our first purchases. I agree with you about Americans and the use of the l word...but you're right. When it comes to the squeegee/shoilet combination, it can't be said enough. LOVE. love love love love.:D Nothin but love for the squeegee friend.