Monday, October 13, 2008

Take a Deep Breath and Relax-Not!

Living in Michigan I've never really had to think about whether or not the air was clean. I just took it for granted that I would be breathing clean air without a lot of pollutants in it. Of course, I could always count on a little pollen and dust to kick up and irritate my allergies and asthma, but that's the case almost anywhere you go. Tianjin however is much different. I knew that I would be moving to a place that was known for dirt and pollution and I thought I was prepared. I packed allergy meds, a couple of inhalers, and called it good. For the most part, it's has been pretty good-especially since I came during the Olympics. All my colleagues were oohing and aahing over the beautiful blue skies and while I was enjoying them, I did not have the level of appreciation that they did. I was told not to get used to this kind of environment because it would not last long. They were right!

This morning when I got up I was amazed that he world seemed to be in a heavy fog and I couldn't see down the road very far. Even on my way to school, I kept wondering where the TianJin TV tower was hiding. Surely, someone had moved it because it was nowhere to be seen. Usually I have a pretty clear view of its massive structure. You really can see it from all over the city. I use it as a land mark when I'm out biking so in case I get lost I can always head toward it. However, today was a completely different story. No wonder I couldn't get my snotty nose under control yesterday and today! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!



Andrea Lynette said...

Wow! I am never going to complain about American air again. :D

Miss you!

TheZach said...

Heh - it should cure snoring.